It is always about the light.....

I am constantly inspired by the way light illuminates and transforms whatever it touches altering and enhancing the mood, colour and texture of an image.

The magical play of light on water allows us to be mesmerized by the surface glints and reflections or dive into the depths of what lies beneath.

I am drawn to respond to this in my work, painting either in watercolour or oils. I adore delicacy that only watercolour can bring but I am equally as passionate about the energy and flow of painting with oils.

My current works reflect my love for the abundant natural beauty of Sydney’s Northern Beaches but mostly I am inspired by the wonderful characters that share each morning with me at Mona Vale rock pool, their warmth and strength, their love of life, camaraderie, age defying beauty and that clear and lovely morning light.....

....because it is always about the light!



  • Winner of best in show at ASMA National awards June 2018
  • Highly commended at ASMA National awards June 2018.
  • Highly Commended at ASMA National awards 2016.


  • ‘The Architecture of Birds’ group exhibition Balmain Watch House 2018.
  • ‘Long Hot Summer’ exhibition at ‘Be brave Art Space’ Avalon 2018.
  • Northern Beaches Council exhibitions ‘Four Elements’ for ‘Air’ and ‘Water’ 2017.
  • NSW Parliament House as part of ‘The Pittwater Collective’, August 2014.
  • Winner of the Hyecorp Prize in the Lane Cove Art Exhibition 2013.
  • Winner of the small painting prize at the Lane Cove Art Exhibition 2010.


  • Watercolour teacher for the last 8 years


  • Australian Society of Miniature Art (ASMA)since 2014 and exhibited with this group at regional galleries, including Gosford Regional Gallery September 2015 and Juniper Hall Paddington 2016.
  • ‘Pittwater Artists Trail’ since 2014 and committee member for 2015 to 2017.
  • Lane Cove Art Society.